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About us

Smiling Wyvern Press is an imprint of a small, independent German publisher of fantasy literature.
We specialize in epic fantasy and urban fantasy written for adult readers, with a small selection of books for young adults.
Some of these stories have been written by British or American authors, others are translations of successful German fantasy books.
Why translations?
Because fantasy is something every human being shares. We all have a weakness for good stories; a yearning to be spellbound by an intricate narrative. Fantasy knows no boundaries, fantasy worlds are limited by one thing only: our imagination.
I invite you to follow us into interesting, exciting new worlds!

Books and Series

Interested in High Fantasy? Fan of Sword and Sorcery? 
You will find both - and more,  adventure, warriors,  intrigues, murder, magic and mayhem.

Mirror Magic Series

Mirror Magic Series
Chris Svartbeck

Karapak. One kingdom. Two brothers who become mortal enemies.
The royal falcon. The heraldic bird of the royal house. The connection
between a sorcerer and a king’s son.
Magic mirrors. The most powerful sorcery tools in Karapak.
Powerful and absolutely deadly.

More Information about the author Chris Svartbeck and his series

Pentamuria Series by Wolf Awert

Pantamuria Series
Wolf Awert

Pentamuria is one of the most successful high fantasy books ever published by a German author. The first two volumes are now finally available in English, the last volume is in translation!

Nothing will be as it was. Cities will crumble to ash.
Ashen wastes will become lush and fertile. Rulers will serve, and servants will rule.

Pentamuria, the world of five kingdoms, is in a time of change. The power of the nobles and mages is threatened. War is upon them, although they do not know yet when or with whom. Thus, the mages are gathering in their capital, Ringwall, to prepare together against any possible enemy. 

More information about the author Wolf Awert and his series

Books by other authors

Kisses of Fire
Eileen Raven Scott

Kisses of Fire is the first book auf Eileen Raven Scott.

Half-demon Aruni prefers to live among the people of her human father. So far, she has been successful in blending with the humans. But her carefully constructed life disintegrates when she meets Ilvio, a member of the mer-elves tribe. Fire clashes with water, and in an instant their hearts are burning with love. A love neither the elves nor the demons will tolerate. Is their love doomed to failure?

Sample Chapter on this page

Worldbuilding for Authors

Worldbuildig for Beginners
Carla Erpenbeck

A handbook for role-gamers, LARP-fans and fantasy authors to develop their own fictional world
The book describes an easy method of world development, including basic geography, plants, animals, human and non-human population, and map-making with windows program Paint.
All Examples and source photos / grafics inside the book can be freely used by readers for their own worlds.

Sample Chapter on this page 


Stay safe! Stay healthy! 

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